Victim ID: VA1881122601
Victim Name: J. H. Prince
Race: White
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Job: Large store owner
Method of Death: Unknown
Accusation: Unknown
Date: 1881-12-26
City: Green Plains
Mob Composition: Unknown

Summary: Past inventories of Virginia lynchings indicated that two white men, J. H. Prince and his brother J. B. Prince, were lynched on December 26th, 1881 in Green Plains, Southampton County. However, additional research in local newspapers reveal that the Prince brothers were simply the owners of a store that was burned down by two unknown individuals, possibly white strangers; as a result of the arson, two men died (Staunton Spectator). While there were some reports of two arsonists being lynched (New York Tribune; The National Tribune), this alleged lynching event has not been confirmed.

News Coverage: New York Tribune; Staunton Spectator; The National Tribune.

Article Link (from The National Tribune published on 1881-12-31)
Article Link (from New-York Tribune published on 1881-12-28)
Article Link (from Staunton Spectator published on 1881-12-27)

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