2017 Winner

We are proud to announce that the 

2017 recipient of the JMU High School Physics Teacher of the Year Award is

Mr. Charles (Jon) Goetz

Science Teacher at Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD 

The student who has nominated Mr. Goetz is Aliyah Hall, currently a physics major at JMU. Here is Aliyah in her own words describing the exceptional attributes of her nominee:

“Mr. Goetz incorporates fun techniques into his teaching skills that make students want to learn what he is teaching. His sense of humor and ability to incorporate it into the class made learning calculus and physics enjoyable for all. He is extremely educated in his field and can answer any and all questions that students ask him. He does not rest until he knows all of his students feel confident in his class, and many students prosper more in his class than in others. He is dedicated to making sure all of his students understand the curriculum, and uses entertaining techniques to make all students excited to come to his class. From creating his own physics games to showing us funny YouTube videos and having us find how physics applies to them, he makes learning math and science a fun and easy activity.”