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First ACT

The 2014 Russian Annexation of Crimea.  The 2017 ZAPAD War-games.  In the face of increasing global uncertainty and international aggression, the capacity of armed forces to rapidly and effectively mobilize forces is more crucial than ever.  Aggressive powers must be met with uncompromising responses, and defending nations must be supported by agile forces ready to deploy at the drop of a hat.Our mission: devise a way for NATO member countries to efficiently and securely share relevant logistical information to expedite the speed of allied deployment.   


Team First Act is creating a product which will help expedite the speed of deployment in NATO ACT. 


First ACT comprises of five members who bring expertise from four different disciplines. All members are educated at James Madison University in Virginia, a liberal arts school which prides itself in encouraging its student population’s critical thinking skills.


Since the 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has focused its work on bettering response to aggression within the European theatre.