Just for fun

Here are some fun things I enjoy:

Bicycling. I ride 52 weeks a year, in all kinds of weather. “There’s nothing like the feel of sleet on your knees.” If you don’t understand, there’s probably no way I could explain it to you, but these essays on bicycling might help. Important note: Although I ride with other family members, I do that only in good weather.

Photography. I began with photography when I was a full-time reporter and never gave it up after I changed careers. I’m a Nikon fan and although my trusty Nikon N8008 — a film camera — is still in the closet, I rarely shoot with it any more, having switched over to Nikon digital SLRs.

Video. I’m an amateur videographer, but I enjoy putting together short fun segments using a pair of Canon HV20’s and Adobe Premiere Elements. Here’s a sample of my work (produced, captured and edited by yours truly. Did the voiceover too).

Home Theater. I’m a huge movie fan, but I like complex movies that are hard to understand sometimes, the first time through. Home theater technology is an answer, sort of, but for many years you had to make compromises in picture and audio quality in return for the convenience of seeing the film at home. No more. I now have a system with better picture and sound than most theaters I’ve been to, and that’s not uncommon, even in relatively modest setups. See http://www.home-theater-system-review.com/ for a brief explanation or www.avsforum.com for more information on home theater than one human can understand. Also:

  • My favorite film of all time: “Field of Dreams.” The closing shot of this movie can still bring tears to my eyes.
  • Some films still have to be experienced in a theater. What brings me out to the cinema? Films like Star Wars in any flavor, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and anything that’s equally capable of taking the viewer to another universe.

Reading. My favorite author is Robert Jordan, followed closely by David Brin.

But enough about my likes and dislikes . . . if you’re in my class, I’d like to know about yours. What’s your favorite film of all time? What do you enjoy? Send email or come by the office.