How to get rich — and why it doesn’t matter

In my career as an economics professor, and later in the course of researching a book on personal finance, I have discovered how to get rich. It’s not hard and I’ll show you the links below to specific instructions on how to do it.

But it doesn’t matter because it really is true that money won’t buy you happiness. Therefore, if you wish to be happy, I encourage you to cultivate the things that actually do lead to happiness: friendship, love and faith.

If you’re still interested in how to get rich then I encourage you to follow the links below to a website where I pursue this topic. This is the website of my book, Getting a Grip on Your Money, and clicking below will take you off the JMU website. My commercial website,, is very much mine. It does not reflect the views of the staff, faculty or administration of James Madison University. No University funds are used to support the site.

Here’s the link: