Thanks for the shout-out!

In this issue of Reason, there’s a nice profile of Gordon Tullock: “The Joyful Contrarianism of Gordon Tullock.” Read the whole thing, as they say. The author, Michael Munger, included a nice shout-out about a piece of research I did together with J. Brian O’Roark of Robert Morris University:

. . . and it’s just as he described — the safety improvements in NASCAR increased the number of crashes and pileups. There’s a lot more when you look at the original article, but that’s basically it.

Academics can rarely say that a single paper changed their lives, but this one changed mine, introducing me to the world of sports economics. A lot could be said, but I’ll leave it at this: The people who do sports economics, even and especially the top ones in the field, are just downright nice. Not every subfield of economics, ahem, has that reputation.