Return to econometrics

This fall I’ll be teaching econometrics again, and I’m excited. No, seriously. Econometrics has been very, very good to me, to echo a famous line from baseball. “Econometrics” comes from root words meaning “economic measurement,” and that’s what we do in econometrics. Here’s an example: There are lots of theories about discrimination, but how can you test for its existence and measure its effects? By using econometrics, of course!

For me personally, econometrics has opened a lot of doors. I look forward to helping my students see the possibilities. This summer I’ve been revising examples, setting up the new software, and getting set to go. Here’s the textbook we’ll be using:

A.H. Studenmund
Using Econometrics: A Practical Guide
Boston: Pearson Addison-Wesley
6th edition 2011
ISBN 978-0131367739