The English language needs a new word — for the season of commercial excess that happens in the weeks leading up to Christmas every year. Using the word “Christmas” for that shopping season is just wrong (“Christmas” shopping, “Christmas” drinking, you know the rest). It has nothing to do with the religious holiday Christmas and in fact stands in opposition to the actual teachings of Jesus Christ. He taught that “Life is not defined by what you have, even when you have a lot.”

My suggested new word? Excessmas. It was coined in a hallway conversation with my JMU colleague David Kreutzer. My op-ed column on the subject appeared in The Wall Street Journal. I’ll let the column speak for itself. Here it is:

Merry Excessmas! – WSJ

For a number of years, I kept a website at excessmas.com to promote the idea of the word. To see my progress, go do a standard search of “Excessmas” and see if the word is catching on.