Victim ID: VA1883012201
Victim Name: Evan Griffith
Race: White
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Job: Unknown
Method of Death: Unreported
Accusation: Cattle theft by deception
Date: 1883-01-22
County Name: Russell
Mob Composition: Disguised

Summary: A body of disguised men took Evan Griffith and O. F. Ferrall from their jail cell to be lynched. Griffith and Ferrall were accused of stealing approximately $18,000 worth of cattle from the area. However, upon seeing their fate, Griffith and Ferrall pleaded for mercy and were allowed to pay off their debts to each of the mob members. After paying reparations, both men were set free.

Evan Griffith, a 35-year-old white man, and O. F. Ferrall, a 55-year-old white man, visited Russell County where they obtained approximately $18,000 worth of cattle under false pretenses from graziers in the county. They were subsequently arrested and placed in jail. On the night of January 22, 1883, a body of 15 disguised men broke into the jail where Griffith and Ferrall were held and removed them from their respective jail cells. The mob took Griffith and Ferrall outside to be lynched. However, when seeing their fates, Griffith and Ferrall pleaded for mercy. Upon paying each mob member reparations for the stolen cattle, Griffith and Ferrall were released from the mob’s custody and escaped the impending doom of lynching.

News Coverage: Alexandria Gazette; Shenandoah Herald; The Daily Dispatch

Article Link (from The Daily Dispatch published on 1883-01-26)
Article Link (from Alexandria Gazette published on 1883-01-25)
Article Link (from Shenandoah Herald published on 1883-01-31)

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