Victim ID: VA1880021901
Victim Name: Unnamed Negro
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Job: Farm hand
Method of Death: Shot
Accusation: Being associated with a white man who had angered his neighbors
Date: 1880-02-19
City: London Bridge
Mob Composition: Unknown“]

Summary: According to previous inventories of lynching, John Dozier, a white man, was ambushed on his farm by his neighbors in Norfolk county on February 19th, 1880 and lynched. However, it was his  employee, a unnamed black man that was shot and killed by the neighbors, while Dozier was only slightly wounded.

John Dozier was reportedly upset about his neighbors’ cattle trespassing on his property, deciding to “revenge himself by shooting the trespassing cattle” (Shenandoah Herald). On the night of Thursday February 19th, 1880, the owners of the cattle retaliated by firing at least 100 bullets into his home. Mr. Dozier and his employee ran towards the woods trying to take cover. His employee was shot in the abdomen and died. No arrests were made.

News Coverage: Shenandoah Herald.

Article Link (from Shenandoah Herald published on 1880-02-25)

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