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Claire and Destiny (biology), Christopher and Parker (physics), Nate and Cannan (industrial design) and Saskia (writing, rhetoric and communication) were thrilled to begin our drone project assignment partnered with David Kocka, of Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Cannan was especially interested in joining this team because of a recent documentary on Netflix (Planet Earth 2) because of the drone footage of grizzly bears. Nate was intrigued because he saw the most opportunity to invent something new in serving animals in a unique way.

As we grew throughout the process, we created bonds and learned from each other in the differing fields. The physics students taught us about XBees and Arduinos that communicate together to share and distribute data. The biology students taught us about the behaviors of American Black Bears and the effects drones have on these types of mammals. The industrial design students taught us about the process of innovative thinking and to often think outside the box. Finally, the writing, rhetoric and technical communication student taught us about constructing information and media with purpose and intent.

Our team name, Butterfly Tech graphic represents what the wings are going to look like for our flat pack drone model. The entire shape of the drone design kind of looks like a butterfly and the wings fold. This symbol also resembles binoculars, which are used to locate things. The logo would resemble something that is wildlife related, locates, and is aerial at the same time.



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