Lab Personnel

Principle Investigator

Dr. Harvell-Bowman (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, M.A., Wichita State University, B.G.S., University of Kansas) is an Associate Professor in The School of Communication Studies and an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Psychology at James Madison University and is originally from Overland Park, Kansas.

Fun Fact: She has a fish named Freud.

“I love seeing students from different disciplines work together at all levels – undergraduate through doctoral – conduct, write, and present research. I feel our lab is not only extending theory, but making a difference in the world with our work.”


Lab Administrator


Tonya Schoenbeck’s adopted hometown is Seminole, Florida and is from Columbia, South Carolina. She is a graduate student in Communication and Advocacy with an emphasis on Strategic Communication. Tonya holds degrees in Public Affairs, Paralegal Studies, and Legal Studies. She serves the lab as the lab administrator and is Dr. HB’s right-hand woman.

Fun Fact: She volunteered at two NHL Drafts; Raleigh NC where Ovechkin was drafted and Ottawa Canada where Crosby was drafted.


“I am excited to work in the lab to learn how I can help others, especially other military spouses, with death salience and how it affects their actions and their families.”



Doctoral Clinicians



Morgan Gunter is from Raleigh, North Carolina and is a Doctoral Candidate in the Combined-Integrated Clinical and School Psychology Doctoral Program. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University Maryland and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Wake Forest University. She serves as our clinician for our suicide research.

Fun Fact: I enjoy traveling; currently I have visited eight countries outside of the United States.
“I have admired the courage and level of transparency of the participants. I am proud to be a part of a research study that listens to their stories.”
Eliza Stucker is from Irmo, South Carolina but originally born in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. She is a second-year doctoral student in the Combined-Integrated Clinical and School Psychology Doctoral Program. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Counseling and a Masters of Divinity from Loyola University, an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Furman University, and an undergraduate degree in Biology from Furman University.
Fun Fact: She teaches group exercise and is a nationally certified personal trainer!
“I think this work is so meaningful. It has been an honor to be trusted by our participants into stories of deep anguish and struggle and learn about themes of resilience, connection, and healing.”

Graduate Research Associates


Madeline Grove is from Oakton, Virginia and is a graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a creative writing minor from James Madison University. Madeline has presented lab research at the SPSP Existential Preconference in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, Madeline is a graduate assistant for the Valley Scholars program. She works primarily on our suicide research as an interviewer and trainer for new lab members.

Fun Fact: Madeline and her family have lived overseas in Bangkok, Thailand, and Amman, Jordon.

“I love how TMT lab never fails to push me outside my comfort zone and encourages me to learn new things! I have also enjoyed forming new relationships with fellow labbies and professors that I will keep for years to come.”



Gabe Gilmore is from Springfield, Virginia and is a graduate student in Psychological Sciences with a concentration in Experimental Psychology. Gabe has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from James Madison University. He serves as the lab’s experiment consultant.

Fun Fact: He builds guitars!

“I love the fun and welcoming environment! I’ve really enjoyed learning about a totally different side of research than I’m used to and exploring my interest in suicide research!”




Undergraduate Research Associates


Christina Yocca has an adopted hometown of Ashburn, Virginia and is a Psychology major with a Criminal Justice minor. She serves as our SASB Coding Trainer and works closely with the Transcription Trainer in Dr. Critchfield’s Psychotherapy Lab.

Fun Fact: She graduated high school a year early so she could move to Bosnia and Herzegovina to travel and study abroad for 2 years.

“I have enjoyed everything about being in the Terror Management Lab. It has been such an important part of my college experience and i’ve loved every moment of it. Dr. HB makes it so fun and interesting that after your first semester in the lab, you can’t see yourself leaving it.”





Mira Gruber is from Oakton, Virginia, and is an honors undergraduate student double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy with an Honors Interdisciplinary Minor. Fun Fact: She is an identical Triplet. She is currently leading the Robot Study research team.






Aaron Baillargeon is from Baltimore, Maryland is double-majoring in Psychology and Biology. Aaron is minoring in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies in the Honors College. He also is one of the coveted Marching Royal Dukes. He is co-leading the Organ Donation research team.

Fun Fact: He trained his dog for competitive obedience in high school.

“I love not only the topics that we research, but the independence that we are allowed in doing our work. Lindsey is one of the greatest professors to work with, and being in the Terror Management Lab has been one of my favorite college experiences so far!”




Jordie Stewart is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Legal Spanish.  She is currently co-leading the Organ Donation research team.

“I have greatly enjoyed and valued my time in the lab. I’ve enjoyed learning how to code and how to run my own data collection labs. Not only that but the research is interesting and fun to partake in and Dr. HB and the students in the lab have made it even that much better!”





Undergraduate Research Assistants



Brianna Coffindaffer is from Charlottesville, Virginia and is majoring in Psychology.

Fun Fact: She loves to cook!

“I am excited to work alongside such a talented group of students and gain more experience in the field of Terror Management Theory!”


Jenna Foster is from Staunton, Virginia and is majoring in Psychology.
Fun Fact: When she was in 6th grade, she was a background on the television show, ICarly.
“I love that I was able to find a research team on campus in which everyone is incredibly passionate and dedicated to topics that may seem strange or peculiar others. I knew I had found the perfect lab for me when we began discussing the Heaven’s Gate cult during my initial interview to join the Terror Management Lab.”
Lydia Manson is from Bridgewater, Virginia and is majoring in Psychology with minor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication as well as Humanitarian Affairs.
Fun fact: She celebrated her 20th birthday while studying abroad in Israel!
“I am thrilled to join this lab full of amazing individuals! I am so excited to learn more about Terror Management Theory from this group and our research.”




Brielle Pedrick is from Randolph, New Jersey and is a Psychology major.


Fun Fact: She is a huge dog lover!






Brianna Rinaldi is from Berryville, Virginia and is majoring in Psychology.

Fun Fact: She enjoys long walks through old graveyards and horror novels on rainy days.


“I’m really excited to learn more about TMT and to have some hands on experience with psychological research.”





Madison Sarlo is from Fairfax, Virginia and is an honors student majoring in Psychology with minors in Statistics, Spanish, and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies.

Fun Fact: She has swam with manta rays!