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What is Rebound?

Failure happens. Yet research and anecdotal evidence suggest college students are less able to bounce back from failure than in the past. It’s not just major failures, all of these can cause unhealthy levels of self-doubt.

  • Low grade on a test

  • Breakup with a girlfriend

  • Not being accepted into a sorority

  • Falling-out with a friend

Our Goal is to create a culture that values setbacks and failures as a vital part of the learning process. We want to find ways to use our failures to learn, grow, and restore ourselvesThe Rebound community creates a restorative process, where we can all share our Rebound stories, learn from each other, serve others and rise stronger.

Rebound harnesses the creativity of storytelling to create a culture where failure is a valid learning tool toward improvement. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg wrote a New York Times story about her children’s resilience following her husband’s sudden death. “Resilience is a muscle we can help kids build,” she wrote. One way to grow those muscles is through story.

In addition to interacting with the stories on this site, you can get involved in in-person or self-paced Rebound opportunities. Those include small groups and mentoring relationships. If you want to step beyond this site and dig deeper into Rebounding, contact us and let us know how we can get you connected. Either fill in the form below or email the Dean of Students at JMU.



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