It’s time for a Rebound.

You are not the only one facing challenges and disappointments. Dukes all over campus have faced difficult days and have come through. 


When we share our stories, we can Rebound.


Recent Stories

She just kept pushing through the challenges

Ashley Perez faced an injury while playing for the women’s basketball team at JMU that put her hopes of playing after college in doubt. She pushed through the injury, and now she uses that challenge to help others.

Changing plans meant challenges, but ultimately a triumph

After struggling with mastering trumpet as part of his music major, Micah Hodges switched instruments, but that meant extending his college career. Even so, he did it quicker than expected.

‘I’m doing good things for myself’

When Dylan Gay faced a slump during his sophomore year, he reached out to his sister for help. She encouraged him to become involved as an Orientation Peer Adviser, and once he did, things began to turn around.

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