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It’s time for a Rebound.

You are not the only one facing challenges and disappointments. Dukes all over campus have faced difficult days and have come through.


When we share our stories, we can Rebound.

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Recent Stories

When a financial surprise came, he had to figure out how to fund college

Gary was all set to be a full-time student at JMU after finishing at community college. But unexpected financial challenges struck, and he had to find a new way to make a JMU degree happen.

A misstep leads to mandatory community service that becomes a career path

As a student, Ritter Clevenger got in trouble and had to perform community service. He used it as an opportunity, though, and community service eventual led to a job, which led to a career path.

Finding a faith community built her endurance and gave her a support group

Leah Shewmaker was lonely even though she was surrounded by lots of other people. After connecting with students in a campus ministry, Leah found friends and a purpose.