Welcome – Fall 2019

NUTRITION 363 Quantity Food Production weekly lunches are a student laboratory project offered through the Department of Health Professions designed to introduce Dietetics students to the specific, real-world challenges of large-scale food production. All management is student led, all food is student prepared, plated and served.  Participants are asked to complete an evaluation of the meal and table service during the dessert course. Honest opinions and critical observations are encouraged and are crucial to the education process of our Dietetics students.

Quantity Food Production Friday lunches are held in the HBS building, just off MLK Jr. Way, adjacent to the Student Success Center. Dietetics students are working in an updated, state-of-the-art kitchen and dining room looking out to the Success Center Plaza.  All JMU faculty, staff, students and their guests are welcome, as are the supportive public of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Please use this website to make reservations.

Support the Dietetics Students in this unique interactive laboratory experience!

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