The Networked Humanities Institute

The Networked Humanities Institute (formerly known as the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Institute) is a six-week training institute for JMU faculty offered most Fall semesters.
Since its first offering in 2014, the institute has welcomed 53 participants from 14 disciplines.

I appreciate the interaction with many colleagues from various disciplines. The atmosphere was collegial and supportive.

NHI Participant




Participants in the Networked Humanities Institute gain:

  • Familiarity with leading digital humanities values, methods, tools, and projects
  • Participation in the emerging digital humanities network at JMU
  • Assistance designing a digital assignment for one of their classes

In addition to surveying leading digital humanities methods, tools, and projects, the Networked Humanities Institute introduces participants to a digital humanities pedagogy based upon a framework of values: critical thinking, collaboration, production, and openness. This CCPO framework, developed specifically for our campus, offers a way of understanding how digital humanities approaches might enrich student learning experiences throughout the university.

Every participant in the Networked Humanities Institute gains an opportunity to design a digital assignment for one of their classes. Assignments created over the years have ranged from storytelling projects involving Comic Life to website creation with interactive timelines and mapping components to an NPR-style podcasting project now taught to all History majors.

I was able to make even more connections with people and resources. 

NHI Participant

This program is a great opportunity for faculty who wish to alter an existing assignment or create a new assignment that involves a digital component.

NHI Participant

In Fall 2018, the Networked Humanities welcomed six faculty from as many disciplines from across three colleges to its yearly institute, offering enhanced opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration around the digital humanities.


Please contact Seán McCarthy or Andrew Witmer with questions. 

Networked Humanities Institute Facilitators

Seán McCarthy

Seán McCarthy

Associate Professor, School of Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Seán’s teaching and research are situated at the intersection of community engagement and digital literacy studies. He is particularly passionate about better understanding how writing, digital media, and interdisciplinary collaboration serve to build creative university-community partnerships.


Andrew Witmer

Andrew Witmer

Associate Professor, Department of History

Andrew’s research interests and teaching areas include race and religion in the early American republic, the United States in the world, space and place, and digital methods. He has designed digital assignments that allow students to explore the past through 3D modeling, 3D printing, and virtual reality.

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