Changing Madison: The Purpose Committee

Post Author: Amanda Castellano During Carrier’s first year as acting president, he immediately formed a Purpose Committee, which was headed by Carrier and included board members, administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, local leaders, and a legislator. The Purpose Committee’s function Continue reading Changing Madison: The Purpose Committee

Growth of Academic Programs

Post Author: Amanda Castellano Curriculum Dr. Carrier recognized that, in order for Madison to evolve into a regional institution, the academic curriculum needed to be expanded and changed. The curriculum needed to be well-rounded and offer diverse programs in order Continue reading Growth of Academic Programs

“Esprit de corps”: Football at Madison College

Post Author: Amanda Castellano Justification for Athletics Carrier once stated that football was needed for Madison campus to change “psychologically… to be coeducational” (Hilton, 58). There would be activities for students and faculty on the weekends and prevent the “mass Continue reading “Esprit de corps”: Football at Madison College