Week 14: Final Project Reports/Imaging
                  Final Project Reports/G-Code

Week 13: Imaging (Digitizer and OsiriX)
                  OpenSCAD Final Project Presentations

Week 12: OpenSCAD Final Project Reports
                  OpenSCAD Final Project Presentations

Week 11: OpenSCAD for loops/new groups
                  OpenSCAD Final Project Reports

Week 10: Library closed for repairs
                  OpenSCAD for loops/new groups

Week 9: Basic OpenSCAD
                Fix It! Reports

Week 8: Class Challenge: Fix It!
                Start OpenSCAD

Week 7: Final Ring Designs and Prints
                Shapeways Orders

Week 6: Fusion Ring Project Reports
                Start Meshmixer 

Week 5: Tinkercad: Final Project Presentations
                Fusion 360: Ring Project

Week 4: Tinkercad: Iterate
                Fusion 360: Report

Week 3: Tinkercad: Report and Iterate

Week 2: First Prints

Week 1: Coin Traps

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