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Committee Reports

Campus History Committee (Spring 2020-present)

  • Jan-Feb. 2020, establish charge(s) and begin to convene members from across JMU divisions
  • March-April, COVID19 disruption; first appointments made
  • May, committee expanded
    • Outreach to local community organizations (e.g. NAACP, Shenandoah Valley Black Heritage, NENA)
    • Outreach to additional student and faculty organizations (e.g. CMSS, Hispanic Faculty Caucus, Sisters in Session)
    • Create advisory boards and subcommittees
  • June, establish communications
    • Expanded existing website to include digital resources on BIPOC campus and local history
    • Established email & social media
  • Summer-Fall, Develop preliminary list of potential individuals deserving recognition
  • Summer-Fall, Survey and map current campus commemorative landscape; Analyze patterns, messages, alignment with JMU mission and values
  • Fall, host public events (facilitated dialogues, focus groups, input sessions) & invite public comment
  • Winter, submit recommendations to President Alger and senior leadership

History and Context Committee (2017-2019)

Final Report History and Context Working Group (June 2019) covers activities and recommended actions

JMU History Dialogue Report (Dec. 2018) summarizes campus history topics considered during a public dialogue or forum led by ICAD (titled “Legacy of Exclusion”) that focused on improving today’s campus climate.

Legacy” in Class Facilitation Report 11.29.18 Student facilitators’ report from the Legacy of Exclusion public dialogue.

Articles published in The Breeze on JMU campus history:

History and Context Committee Members (2018-19):

  • Anthony Tongen (MATH), Interim Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship
  • Colleen Walker, Graduate Student Representative
  • Eric Fife (SCOM) Committee Co-chair
  • Georgia Hanigan, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Jack Knight, University Legal Services
  • Kate Morris, Libraries and Education Technologies
  • Lori Britt (SCOM), Institute for Construction Advocacy and Dialogue
  • Meg Mulrooney (HIST). Associate Vice Provost for University Programs
  • Steve Reich (HIST) Committee Co-chair
  • Weston Hatfield, Advancement