Meet Our Team

Colin Cahill, Intelligence Analysis and Economics, Senior

With his focus in the Intelligence Analysis field and the interplay of Economics within it, Colin is currently a Officer Candidate for the United States Marin Corps. He plans to pursue a career that allows him to utilize the skills he has acquired such as critical thinking to answer complex problems in today’s world.


Ian Dunton, Intelligence Analysis and Geographic Science, Junior

With his double major in Intelligence Analysis and Geographic Science, Ian hopes to one day work in the field of national security contributing to government intelligence operations or working for a defense contractor.  Ian has experience employing geographic analysis, data science, cognitive reasoning, and social media analysis tools, to a variety of analytical projects.  In addition to his interest in intelligence studies, Ian hopes to one day study and pursue career opportunities in the international relations field.

Danielle Kratowicz, Accounting, Sophomore

Through her major in accounting and her interest in the area of business ethics and reasoning, Danielle hopes to one day use her knowledge as a forensic accountant to serve the public and promote honest business and corporative practices. She has experience analyzing and creating financial statements, and working with spreadsheets and data analysis.

Anna Uitvlucht, International Affairs, Senior

With a focus in her studies on post conflict regions, national identity discourse, and migration, Anna hopes to utilize her knowledge to facilitate intercultural communication and pursue a career serving the international community. She has experience with diverse communities, specifically working with immigrants and refugees, as well as data input and analysis. Anna enjoys using the skills she has acquired to take a deep dive into issues, discover the problem, and possible solutions.

Cole Thomas, Political Science, Senior

Cole Thomas – Political Science and Philosophy minor – With her extensive coursework in the foreign affairs aspect of political science and the critical thinking skills from philosophy, she hopes to pursue a career in foreign affairs. She has experience with campaigns, analysis, and critical problem solving. She is passionate about learning and is always eager for new opportunities to grow.
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