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plains elementary

We’re team P.L.A.I.N.S which stands for Playful Learning and Innovative New Solutions, and we are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and learning through making and play-oriented experiences.  Our mission will be accomplished through strong community bonds, research driven approaches to learning, and synergistic idea exchange between students and teachers.

Our team hopes that our cross-disciplinary MakerSpace fosters a creative mindset in students that will follow them as they go on to higher education. We want students to approach problems with a design-forward mind, to critically think about the world around them, and to further their skills in a technologically forward approach.



meet the team

Alex Shafer

Alex Shafer

Biology, Senior

“I someday aspire to teach high school science and bring the concepts of making, design thinking, intersectionality, and project-based learning into the mainstream classroom.”

Bridget Read

Bridget Read

Intelligence Analysis, Senior

“I’m excited to be working with Plains Elementary because I believe we have the ability to truly impact the lives of students.”

Natalie Nhan

Natalie Nhan

IDLS, Junior

“My passion for kids and inclusive learning has led me to the Plains Elementary team!”

Danielle Levin

Danielle Levin

Health Science, Sophomore

“My interest in working with children of varying ages and abilities has brought me to the Plains Elementary project. My goal is to create an inclusive room that fosters creativity.”

Adam Farnsworth

Adam Farnsworth

CIS, Senior

“As a team, we’d like to provide Plains Elementary students and faculty a facility that can foster a new type of learning experience. The goal is to create a room where students can expand their horizons and enjoy learning in their own unique way.”

the process

facts about plains elementary school



locally-sourced funding

square feet of classroom space

final project

We have created a WOW Room Start Up Guide.  The start up guide covers everything you might need to know in order to get the WOW Room off the ground.  This includes funding, teacher training, potential budgets, demo lesson plans, as well as appendices of all of our research conducted for the project. To see our plans and what we have created, please click here.


how you can help