Publishing Prompt

Create a multimodal post applying multimedia design principles. Remember, a multimodal post includes text, links, images, audio, video, and other embedded content. Your post should address the following prompts:

  • After completing the platform comparison activity, what did you learn about the publishing platforms? 
  • Reflect on a publishing project that you’ve completed for school or extracurricular activities. What platform did you choose and why? After completing this C21 publishing course, would you change the platform you selected? Why or why not?
  • Provide an explanation of the multimedia design principles you applied to create this post.

Then, submit your PUBLISHED Citizen21 CampusPress post link to Canvas to receive a digital badge! 


Holly Reid

After exploring the different publishing platforms, I learned that YouTube and Vimeo are best for uploading videos. Both have their advantages, for example, YouTube allows users to upload unlimited videos. At first these must be less than 15 minutes, until one...


Olivia Garcia

I have learned about how many great free resources there are out there that offer a platform for professionalism while utilizing multimedia deliverance. There are many forms, and many sites that allow for a combination of multimedia display in one area. For...


Taylor Neiser

I learned that these publishing platforms are very resourceful and accessible. I have made several powerpoints for school projects and have used Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi, and even some video making software. No I would not. Because I am familiar with it and...


Charlea Olmstead

Multimedia by Charlea Olmstead I answered all of these questions, and C21 saved everything in my draft-of-a-post except for the body which included all of my answers, so here's how I'm feeling right now: "Very low budget product video for Modelo" by COKE DU is...


Grace Hess

I learned that each platform takes a little bit of time to navigate and understand.t Overall, they each give helpful information and tools that aid in the process of publishing. I think that youtube is easier than the other resources provided, just because I use it...


Kate van Emmerik

Publishing Platforms Each publishing platform brought its on unique features to the table, along with some commonalities that were found between them.  Weebly, Wix, and Wordpress all offer themes for blogs the user can create based on the purpose they are trying to...


Jalisa Johnson

Each platform takes a learning curve to navigate and they each provide useful tools for publishing. For instance, I found youtube to be easier than the other platforms due to its familiarity, however I recognize that it limits my ability to create webpages. Whereas...


Mikayla Moore

REFLECTION POST Publishing Platforms Comparison Chart Punta Cana Family Video "Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit)" by Mr. Probz I published a video on Facebook after using an iPhone to record, iMovie to edit and AppleMusic to add music for a present to my family to...


McKenna Weeks

I learned that each of the publishing platforms have pros and cons and even though some are used for the same purpose they are all unique. For example, Vimeo and YouTube are both used to publish videos however Vimeo limits the amount of storage that you can use for...


Brandon Mantell

    I learned that all platforms are different in some unique way. Some platforms are more costly and some are cheaper. Some platforms give easy to use templates while other platforms give very basic templates. Some platforms don’t even give templates and...

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