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Peer Review Prompt

Students across the globe create incredible multimedia projects. Look at the collections of student-created multimedia below.



Digital Storytelling

Choose TWO examples from the projects you just reviewed. They must be from different genres of multimedia.


Use the 4 Core Criteria below (adapted from Virginia Kuhn) to assess your selected samples of student-created multimedia you chose from the list. Use the criteria below to guide your “peer review” of the samples. How well do they satisfy them? How could they be improved? Make sure to also follow the rules of good peer review etiquette.

Conceptual core

  • The strength and clarity of the project’s thesis or central question.

Research competence

  • The volume, quality, and variety of resources utilized in making the project.

Creative realization and innovation

  • How well the vision of the project has been accomplished. It’s about how well digital resources enhance and illuminate the project’s thesis.
  • Does the project achieve an effect that could not be achieved on paper?

Relationship between form and content

  • The fit between the thesis of the project and the design of the project.


Please post the link to both samples and several paragraphs of critical peer review on the Citizen21 CampusPress site.

Then, submit your PUBLISHED Citizen21 CampusPress post link to Canvas to receive a digital badge! 

Peer Review

Kyle Mittauer

The first article is that I reviewed was "Universities offer disability support, but finding it is another matter." by Ellie Drewry. The article took a researched in-depth approach to steps universities and areas of higher education are taking to accommodate those...

Peer Review

David Fleury

The first article I looked into was the one about how Universities offer support for people with disabilities, but do not show the ways that they can get these help resources. Throughout the article it just talks about how people with disabilities are at a...

Peer Review

Mattie Heslip

I read an article from The Guardian, "Sheffield's LGBT-only halls were called a ghetto – but a year on, they're thriving," and I felt that the article was well-written and that the author's resources came straight from those who were instantly effected by this...

Peer Review

Cameron McManus

The first article is that I reviewed was "Universities offer disability support, but finding it is another matter." by Ellie Drewry. The article's conceptual core was that finding disability services at the higher education level are there, but being able to have...

Peer Review

Blake Baylor

The first one I choose to review was Urban Art vs Vandalism. Conceptual Core: The narrator of the story was talking about the difference of Urban Art vs. Vandalism. She talks about how people have asked her the question of whether graffiti is art or vandalism and...

Peer Review

Nathan Christenson

The first project I reviewed was a blog called, " How to support friends through their mental health struggles." The thesis/central question is clear. She lets the reader know at the beginning that she is gonna mention what are some signs to look out for and how...

Peer Review

John Scanlon

Out of all the great blogs, digital stories, and podcasts I chose, The Digital Story: Urban Art vs. Vandalism and Young mothers at university: 'I breastfed at 5am while writing essays. I chose the Digital story: Urban Arts vs Vandalism because I grew up right...

Peer Review

Kyle Alleborn

First I analyzed the video “Urban Art vs. Vandalism,” by Summer Tappmeyer. In the video Tappmeyer explores the question of whether graffiti or street art is considered vandalism which defaces the community or an art form that reflects part of the culture of the...

Peer Review

Rachel Hall

The first piece I reviewed was from the blog, “Universities offer disability support, but finding it is another matter” by Ellie Drewry. I believe for the conceptual core, the strength and clarity of the blog’s thesis was good because Ellie provided a lot of...

Peer Review

Ian Gomes

The two I chose to review were Digital Story: Urban Art vs. Vandalism and the blog post "Fake plastic unease: Can MLS become a world-class league on artificial turf?" The Digital Story: Urban Art vs. Vandalism Conceptual Core: The narrator is talking about the...