Peer Review Prompt

Students across the globe create incredible multimedia projects. Look at the collections of student-created multimedia below.



Digital Storytelling

Choose TWO examples from the projects you just reviewed. They must be from different genres of multimedia.


Use the 4 Core Criteria below (adapted from Virginia Kuhn) to assess your selected samples of student-created multimedia you chose from the list. Use the criteria below to guide your “peer review” of the samples. How well do they satisfy them? How could they be improved? Make sure to also follow the rules of good peer review etiquette.

Conceptual core

  • The strength and clarity of the project’s thesis or central question.

Research competence

  • The volume, quality, and variety of resources utilized in making the project.

Creative realization and innovation

  • How well the vision of the project has been accomplished. It’s about how well digital resources enhance and illuminate the project’s thesis.
  • Does the project achieve an effect that could not be achieved on paper?

Relationship between form and content

  • The fit between the thesis of the project and the design of the project.


Please post the link to both samples and several paragraphs of critical peer review on the Citizen21 CampusPress site.

Then, submit your PUBLISHED Citizen21 CampusPress post link to Canvas to receive a digital badge! 

Peer Review

Patrick Sharp

The first thing that I read was the blog about the young mothers at different universities. Conceptually, the thesis was hard to understand. They spoke about breastfeeding and different aspects of motherhood, but never spoke about what could be done for it. For the...

Peer Review

Michael Roenick

First I watched the video Orphan Trains  by Christine Frewin. The Conceptual core of this video is well thought out. But I feel the introduction could be a little stronger. I say this because it goes into too much detail about how she found out about the orphan...

Peer Review

Lexi Levine

For my first peer review I listened to the podcast, "Not the 'Right' Kind of Gay". The thesis was strong. He believed he was not perceived as being the 'right' type of gay. Throughout the podcast he talks about him being feminine and liking feminine things like...

Peer Review

Laura Smith

First, I watched the video “Urban Art vs Vandalism” by Summer Tappmeyer. The conceptual core of this blog was relatively strong. The central...

Peer Review

Nicolas Newry

For my first peer review essay, I have chosen to read What did I learn at private school? They should be abolished and I want to provide the necessary comments for him to improve upon his writing. After reading, I have noticed that Satow's thesis could use some...

Peer Review

Matthew Murphy

I think in the radio show "America for someone like me" I feel like the video really achieved someone writing couldn't the audio enhances it a lot. You hear the way her voice gets so exited when she talks about her family back in Africa it and you hear her get sad...

Peer Review

Bradley Rueter

For my first peer review, I chose a blog from The Guardian. It is titled, "Young mothers at university: 'I breastfed at 5 am while writing essays". The thesis of her blog was to clarify that student mothers are common and that being one is hard especially while...

Peer Review

Evan Dodd This post is a blog titled: "I didn't tell anyone I was raped at university. I'm not alone." The purpose of this blog is clear, it's to shed light on a horrible...

Peer Review

Matthew Trakofler

The first project I looked at for my peer review was the digital story telling. I watched the video called Urban art vs. Vandalism. The video did a good job of grabbing the viewers attention by asking a thought prokoing question. She explains how the topic of Vandalism is very complicated becasue many people think of it as a form of art. The information was presented in a very well organized and entertaining way. She descibed her own expirence learning about art in Italy. I really like the way she used many images in the video. This allows the viewers to fully understand what she is talking about. The second project I peer reviewed was one of the blogs. The title is "Want black students to feel at home? Dont ignore the little things". The author writes about her expirenece attending Oxbridge college being black. Oxbridge is mostly all white people, so she faced many challenges. She gives a specific example of them not having any black hairdressers. I thought this was a very unique and intersting way to show a general feeling of culutral detachment at the school.
Peer Review

Isabella Rende

For the first example, I chose to review a blog post titled, Want Black Students to Feel at Home? Don't Ignore the Little Things, written by Alex Mistlin. After reading and reviewing, I believe this post did an excellent job of explaining the perspective of...

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