Peer Review Prompt

Students across the globe create incredible multimedia projects. Look at the collections of student-created multimedia below.



Digital Storytelling

Choose TWO examples from the projects you just reviewed. They must be from different genres of multimedia.


Use the 4 Core Criteria below (adapted from Virginia Kuhn) to assess your selected samples of student-created multimedia you chose from the list. Use the criteria below to guide your “peer review” of the samples. How well do they satisfy them? How could they be improved? Make sure to also follow the rules of good peer review etiquette.

Conceptual core

  • The strength and clarity of the project’s thesis or central question.

Research competence

  • The volume, quality, and variety of resources utilized in making the project.

Creative realization and innovation

  • How well the vision of the project has been accomplished. It’s about how well digital resources enhance and illuminate the project’s thesis.
  • Does the project achieve an effect that could not be achieved on paper?

Relationship between form and content

  • The fit between the thesis of the project and the design of the project.


Please post the link to both samples and several paragraphs of critical peer review on the Citizen21 CampusPress site.

Then, submit your PUBLISHED Citizen21 CampusPress post link to Canvas to receive a digital badge! 

Peer Review

Julien Barakat

Urban Art vs. Vandalism Conceptual Core: The thesis has a clear goal of showing that vandalism or street art should be considered art. Research competence: The author discusses her personal connection between her and art. She also mentions many famous street...

Peer Review

Ryan Porter

I decided to peer review a blog post from The Guardian titled "What did I learn at private school? They should be Abolished" by Angus Satow. In this article, Satow argues against private schools, claiming that they take away resources from public schools and...

Peer Review

Faith Neary

The first piece I reviewed is from The Guardian called, What did I learn at private school? They should be abolished by Angus Satow. The author had previous experience with private schools as he attended St Paul’s. In his personal opinion, “abolishing” private...

Peer Review

Nathan Abel

  Sheffield's LGBT-only halls were called a ghetto – but a year on, they're thriving Conceptual Core: The thesis presented is a clear description of the entire passage, it highlights the LGBT halls are improving from where they first started. Research...

Peer Review

Haley Phillips

  First, I assessed the video “Urban Art vs. Vandalism” by Summer Tappmeyer. For the conceptual core, I thought the thesis was clear, which was that there is a goal between differing what is considered art versus what is vandalism. For research competence,...

Peer Review

Amanda Keenan

The first project I looked at was the Orphan Trains digital story video. While this is a historical video the author clearly spent time and effort on this project. It would’ve been easy to just put in the information and a few old pictures, but the use of the...

Peer Review

Samantha Snead

Urban Art vs. Vandalism Conceptual Core: The thesis is clear and has the goal of differing what is considered art from vandalism. Research competence: The various sources help to tell the story as the author is discussing her time in Italy. I thought the...

Peer Review

Aubrey Colombo

"The Scene Behind Turtle Quest" (Digital Storytelling) The author's conceptual core in her video was about her personal experience in the Maldives and seeing the problems of plastic waste in the environment. She talks about how ecosystems in the Maldives are...

Peer ReviewUncategorized

Emily Sullivan

Radio Rookies- She wants to be Equally in the Kitchen Conceptual Core The strength of this topic was very strong. The radio speaker stayed on topic the entire podcast. Jessica Eng's thesis was eventually proven through her work experience. Women are treated...

Peer Review

Jasmine Lesky

  Trying to Graduate From High School at 21 (podcast)  I feel this podcast was done very well, it was a brief summary Shamari Ridley life leading up to his high school graduation. It was talking about his family as well as his personal struggles of switching...

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