Collaboration Prompt

Team Members:

  • Maria is a history major. She is detail-oriented and well-organized. She prefers to “stay in the background” of group projects, but will contribute. 
  • Jack is a pre-med major. He likes concrete tasks and needs clear deadlines to thrive. He is comfortable working with money and financing.
  • Anna is an engineering major. She leads several groups on campus, and enjoys taking on responsibility. She is passionate about the project, and conceived the initial idea for the workshop.
  • Tim is a biology major with a graphic design background. He’s creative and is interested in interacting with the public.


You are creating a two hour STEM-focused workshop for local middle-schoolers located on JMU’s campus. You will need to reserve a room, advertise for the workshop, design curricula, and secure $300 in funding from local sponsors. Additionally, two team members will need to teach on the day of the workshop. Given what you know about the team members, assign two specific tasks to each team members, and briefly explain your choices. 

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Nathan Olafson

When creating a two hour STEM-focused workshop on James Madison University for middle school students, I would choose Anna and Tim to teach the workshop. I chose Anna because she has experience interacting with groups of people when leading other groups on campus....

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Clare Morelli

When creating a STEM-focused workshop for local middle-schoolers, I assigned group members to certain tasks based on their personal strengths. The first task was to reserve a room. I assigned Jack this job because it must be done in a timely fashion, before the...

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Ryan Smith

In organizing a STEM focused workshop for middle-schoolers at JMU, I assigned roles to four members of a group. The first role I assigned was securing $300 in funding from local sponsors. I chose Jack and Anna to complete this task because Anna is very passionate...

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Manushree Bhatt

While working on a STEM-focused workshop for local-middle schoolers, I assigned specific roles to each team member. To start off, I assigned Maria to take care of the $300 fund and tasks related to reserving a room. As she is more detailed oriented and likes to...

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Vanessa Quinteros

Anna is the one who came up with the initial idea for the workshop, so she would be in charge of designing the curricula. She is probably most familiar with how the workshop should be structured. She would also have the role of teaching the students because she is...

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Trevor Benton

For this task to be completed successfully, each member will have specific roles to play. Maria, being organized and has a keen eye for detail will design curricula. This way she can stay in the background but still play a major role. Jack's main task will be to...

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Phillip Roth

Maria is detail-oriented and well organized this will help her to design the curricula and secure funding. Although she doesn’t want to present, she will be very helpful in planning the schedule and curricula for the two-hour-long workshop. As mentioned before,...

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Abigail Langworthy

While organizing this STEM focused workshop for local middle-schoolers I assigned each team member to specific roles. Maria's roles are to reserve the room and help secure the $300 funding. I chose her to complete these tasks because she likes to stay in the...

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Adrien Ponce

For organizing the workshop, Maria should be the one designs the curricula and helps advertise the event. I chose these roles because Maria is organized and pays attention to detail so she could help come up with an idea of how to advertise the event and with those...

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David Fleury

The project I have to assign unto these team members will consist of many trials in order to test their STEM skills. Clearly Anna is the favorite to do well on this assignment, seeing that she is an engineering major. So she will be the one taking charge and...

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