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Program Purpose
As JMU faculty implement digital projects and scholarship through experiential learning opportunities, it is imperative that students  are able to practice and develop 21st century skills. Faculty are often concerned with being ill-prepared as the technology experts in their courses and want to ensure that students have the resources needed to succeed. The purpose of the Citizen21 program is to provide support directly to students and to remove the burden from faculty. The Citizen21 program will focus on the following skills while remaining agile and responsive to trends and advancements in today’s world: 

Web 2.0 & New Media
Students are comfortable with web 2.0 tools and new media. Students are able to evaluate the benefits and/or risks of particular tools and apply them in appropriate situations.

Use of Technology
Students use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate, and communicate their ideas. Students have experiences with various types of devices, hardware, and software.

Content Creation
Students understand and utilize appropriate tools. Students have a basic understanding of multimedia design principles and how to design creative and compelling content.

Information, Resource, and Data Management
Students research, organize, and evaluate information gathered from diverse sources. Students have the ability to recognize which pieces of information are significant and valuable.

Ethical and Social Responsibility Online
Students make judicious choices about the use and creation of content with respect to fair use, intellectual property rights, and consideration of their audience.

Students are open and responsible to new ideas from diverse perspectives. Students provide useful and critical feedback, as well as suggestions to move ideas forward. Students view failure as a learning opportunity.

Students articulate ideas clearly through different media to a variety of audiences. Students have strong listening and attention skills and are able to communicate in diverse environments.

Students are attentive, aware, and engaged in the context of a digital environment.