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The first article I looked into was the one about how Universities offer support for people with disabilities, but do not show the ways that they can get these help resources. Throughout the article it just talks about how people with disabilities are at a disadvantage, because some universities do not show ways to get these offers fulfilled. As sick as it is the universities mainly do not want to spend money on enabled people who are not in the state of mind do do regular things. Even though I emotional was invested in this situation I had to back away and realize both sides of the story. All in all, universities really need to step up and help out every single person whether they are blue, purple, have eight legs, or can fly. That way everybody is accountable and responsible.

The second article I looked over was the “Uraban Art vs. Vandalism” by Summer Tappmeyer. Something I too have debated and thought about is whether graffiti in the suburbs and big cities is actually vandalism or art. Throughout the article Summer refers to pieces of art in cities she has seen or driving around different parts of the country. Summer and I share a piece of mind where, legally, yes it is vandalism. However, all graffiti that I have ever seen is very beautiful.