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For the first peer review, I am reviewing a radio podcast titled “Making Friends When You’re Shy.” After watching this video, I thought the thesis was very clear and the story was truly uplifting. It only takes one person to make a difference and that is what happened. I thought the research competence was there as well, in the form of Ndioubou Sarr. Besides this, the quality could’ve been improved upon regarding outside information and/or other examples to go along with it. Adding on, the effect this podcast had could not be obtained through a paper, as you would not be able to hear her voicing her struggles and the emotions expressed. This truly accomplishes the project’s thesis especially through the voices involved, which truly illuminated the point they were trying to get across. Finally, reflecting on the relationship between form and content. I felt as though the connection between the design of the project and the thesis was the best it could’ve been, with zero room for improvement simply because I felt as if it was done perfectly.

For the second peer review, I will be reviewing an article titled “Young mothers at university: ‘I breastfed at 5 A.M. while writing essays’.” This article caught me eye when searching and it did not disappoint. The struggles these women went through were some that most people would not be able to handle. The thesis of this article was clearly stated and led the reader into a well written article that basically puts you in the lives of these pregnant college students and their struggles. The research was quite reliable as well, basing it off of many aspects in these young lives and allowing them to voice their individual differences. However, I do feel as though the creative realization and innovation could have been altered a little bit. Some interviews of these young pregnant women or records could have been useful to readers when trying to connect personally. If they were to connect with the reader with a slight addition like this, then it could have easily been an article that could be read almost everywhere. Last but not least, the connection between the thesis and the project. The thesis correctly leads the reader on to its supporting points and sets up the remainder of the story. It is designed perfectly, with little to no flaws in my eyes.