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The first piece I reviewed was from the blog, “Universities offer disability support, but finding it is another matter” by Ellie Drewry. I believe for the conceptual core, the strength and clarity of the blog’s thesis was good because Ellie provided a lot of personal struggles and experiences that she has dealt with, which makes the blog stronger. For research competence, there was not any research done in this blog because Ellie stated her personal experience rather than facts. However, I do believe Ellie could have added a few sources in her blog to back up and add to what she was saying in order to maker her seem more credible even though it is about her life. For example, she could have added a statistic in there about how many other disabled students suffer. Digital resources were not used in this blog, since it was focused on Ellie’s life. I believe this project could have been achieved on paper as well, since it did not have any digtal effects. It would have the same effect. For relationship between form and content, the overall main thesis in this blog was to show that finding disability support at a university is much harder than anyone would think, especially not personally going through it. I think the way that Ellie wrote her blog, in paragraph format, was an effective way.

The second piece I reviewed was from the digital storytelling video, called “The Scene Behind Turtle Quest” by Ting-Fang Liu. I believe for the conceptual core, the strength and clarity of the video’s thesis was clear because it was provided digitally, so it was easy to see how much damage the plastic and waste is doing to our oceans. The research comptence was different from what it would be on paper because it was all verbally stated, but Liu did state statistics of the waste in the oceans and provided imagery of a plastic straw stuck in a turtle’s nose to prove that it is becoming an issue. I believe the creative realization and innovation for this project was very well done, Liu put together a very creative storytelling video by including her own personal videos and photos from her trip, adding effects to her video that enhanced its quality, and adding important words when needed. I also believe that she added that gruesome scene with the straw stuck in the turtle’s nose to illuminate her thesis and make the audience feel emotions, which could not have easily been done on paper. For the relationship between form and content, I believe the video was essenstial in getting the main issue across because the audience was able to easily see the issue of plastic waste being in the oceans with their own eyes.