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The first project I reviewed was a blog called, ” How to support friends through their mental health struggles.” The thesis/central question is clear. She lets the reader know at the beginning that she is gonna mention what are some signs to look out for and how you can get involved and help that friend in need. She doesn’t use many sources, to back up her information. In contrast, she does have some credibility by being Cambridge University’s Students’ Unions’ welfare and rights officer. So her information does add volume to the blog. There is a little bit of creativeness by how she gives real-life examples of what to look out for. This can paint a picture in the reader’s head and give them an idea of what to watch for. There isn’t much of a design to this project, It is more of an informative blog post, but the thesis does give a clear roadmap of the information.

The second project I reviewed was a digital storytelling piece called,” The Path of Exile.” I didn’t get a feel of the thesis or central question. He mentions the Serbian trek to Greece to get away from the German oppression. Then starts to talk about refugee issues in the middle east and then talks about the American Civil War. The author does not use many sources, besides videos from the news, but the images and videos he does use speak volumes. The use of those images and videos sets a realization and a deeper meaning then what a paper could create. Not knowing a clear thesis made it a little difficult to combine all the media into a central idea. Again the thesis wasn’t very clear, but the design of the project gave me somewhat of an idea of what he was trying to talk about.