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First I analyzed the video “Urban Art vs. Vandalism,” by Summer Tappmeyer. In the video Tappmeyer explores the question of whether graffiti or street art is considered vandalism which defaces the community or an art form that reflects part of the culture of the community. I think that Tappmeyer outlines her thesis well. She is clear in giving evidence for both sides of the argument. She provides her own credibility by sharing her experiences in a trip to Italy. She also provides her research and gives examples of past and well known graffiti artists. The visual aspect of the video is done well. Tappmeyer uses images of the art and examples of past art, to show the viewers visual examples. The creative transitions helps the flow of video and makes it easy for the viewer to understand the argument. I also think that Tappmeyer does a great job compensating the video, making it easy to follow along. A video was a perfect choice for this project. The visual examples of graffiti and paintings in the museum are hard to capture without a visual representation.

Next I analyzed the article from The Guardian “What did I learn at private school? They should be Abolished” by Angus Satow. Satow’s argument is against private schools, saying they should be abolished. He believes private schools are taking away resources from public schools and there should be equality in education. His thesis is clear and the argument is consistent throughout the article. Satow attend St. Paul’s school and his own experiences with the private school helps his argument. Satow does a great job at providing links to statistics and graphs as well as other articles that back his claims against private schools. This helps the reader stay engaged with the article and also helps to form their own opinion. I think Satow’s does a great job at giving personal experiences along with statistics and figures help him relate back to his thesis.