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Out of all the great blogs, digital stories, and podcasts I chose, The Digital Story: Urban Art vs. Vandalism and Young mothers at university: ‘I breastfed at 5am while writing essays.

I chose the Digital story: Urban Arts vs Vandalism because I grew up right outside of New York city and I was super intrigued about how these people who graffitied everywhere got away with it but also how they were so talented when it came to making these crazy designs. I also chose this topic because just from the start I knew that this creator was very knowledgable and was going to keep me interested. Also a very good thing that she did was when she was storytelling about her time in Italy she made it very easy to connect and digest really everything that she was saying, in other words she was very easy to follow. I think that the digital story was definitely the best type of platform that she could have used to present this information, she did a great job inserting photos and videos so we got many visuals of the things she was talking about.

For my second one I chose to do it on a blog called Young mothers at university: ‘I breastfed at 5am while writing essays. Write off the bat the writer of the blog really puts you into her shoes, which really hooked me into wanting to read the blog. Also the title of this blog was kind of crazy itself and that made me want to click on it and see what it was all about and see how this girl really lived her life as a mother in college. Also what i thought the writer did very well was the length of the writing, it was not to lengthy but also not to short but it really was just about the perfect length to really get her message across to her readers with out overdoing it. The writer also did a good job showing how the mother felt through emotion. The writer did a good job also inserting statistics and other percentages about childcare and many other things a mother has to deal with. This quote“I want to show women in my position that they can achieve anything they want.” at the end also made it inspirational and let others know that they could do it.