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The first article is that I reviewed was “Universities offer disability support, but finding it is another matter.” by Ellie Drewry. The article’s conceptual core was that finding disability services at the higher education level are there, but being able to have access to all of the accommodations that the university offer is a challenge in itself. Drewry stated she struggled with anxiety and difficulty with assignments, more specifically exams. Drewry did her extensive research for this article, citing the likes of a university chair of a disability network. Being a law student, Drewry has made sure to cite her sources and ensure that the point was gotten across. The vision of the project is clear and concise. The vision is that Drewry wants to raise awareness about the support, or lack thereof that universities and other higher educations establishments have regarding disability services for students.

The second item I reviewed was from digital storytelling. The video I reviewed was titled, “A Surgeon’s Perspective on Medical Television Shows” by Bethany Sacks. The main point of the video was to show her journey and how her father was a practicing physician, and when her and her brother were children, they grew up watching the show MASH. As Bethany entered college, her father, who was also her inspiration to enter the medical field had passed away. Growing up, she aspired to be a veterinarian, but after her father died, she decided it would be more fulfilling to treat patients instead of pets. That is where she discovered a show in the nineties, ER. I believe the focus question is that seeing the dynamic change of television and movie characters could inspire someone to enter a certain career path. Bethany believes that ER and Grey’s Anatomy helped inspire her to become a powerful female in the medical field as a surgeon. The vision throughout the video had references to MASH, ER, and Grey’s Anatomy. Sacks gave examples regarding what the character looked and sounded like. She aspired to be like the characters in the television shows. The project does have an effect, as I’m sure many people have also aspired to be something they saw on television, whether it is a doctor, a police officer, a firefighter, or even a professional athlete just to name a few. The overall quality of the project was well done and brief. The statements she provided were clear and you were able to understand the message she was trying to provide by making the video. At the end of the video, Sacks frequently referred back to her father, and what his opinion would’ve been regarding the different medical shows. The final message Sacks provides is that since she is finally in the same position as her favorite character in the show that she wanted to be like, she was able to picture herself in the similar role as the character herself.