I decided to peer review a blog post from The Guardian titled “What did I learn at private school? They should be Abolished” by Angus Satow. In this article, Satow argues against private schools, claiming that they take away resources from public schools and encourage a class separation in society.┬áThe thesis was very clear from the start of the article and the argument stayed consistent the entire time. The post was fairly short, but it was to the point and never went off on a different tangent. In regards to research competence, Satow attended a well-known private school that is addressed multiple times throughout the blog post, so he is educated on the subject. He also adds multiple links to statistics, figures, and other articles that back up his points. I believe Satow could’ve been a little more creative and innovative with this piece, however I understand that he simply wanted to get his point across. I liked how he used the links to take the reader to different sites which backed up his argument against private schools. These aided him in keeping the reader engaged because he did not bore us by listing off statistics and other things of that nature. Finally, I believe Satow was able to successfully relate to his thesis by sharing his personal experience during his time at St Paul’s School, while also drawing on facts and figures from other sources.

Next, I analyzed Summer Tappmeyer’s video “Urban Art vs. Vandalism”. In this video, she explores the question of whether graffiti should be considered vandalism or art that reflects the culture of that area. Tappmeyer outlines her thesis very clearly and stays on topic the entire video, giving evidence for both sides of the argument. She gives herself credibility by sharing experiences during her trip to Italy and also looks back in time to share her research of graffiti in ancient times. In regards to the visual aspect of the project, she uses images so the viewer can see exactly what she is referring to. Her use of transitions and captions makes it very easy for the audience to navigate through the video and understand what she is talking about. Through these tactics, she portrays a message that would be much harder to grasp on paper. I believe a video is the perfect way to get her point across because it allows a viewer who is uneducated on the topic to easily follow her argument. Through her commentary and visuals, along with her extensive research, the audience is able to form their own opinion on what graffiti ultimately should be considered. The thesis and design of the project effectively form together because art is something that is very hard to describe without a visual.

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