Sheffield’s LGBT-only halls were called a ghetto – but a year on, they’re thriving

Conceptual Core: The thesis presented is a clear description of the entire passage, it highlights the LGBT halls are improving from where they first started.

Research Competence: The author uses personal interviews in order to acquire her research which helps with the receiving the most accurate information.

Creative Realization and Innovation: By bringing this topic to a blog it has illustrated the harsh conditions the LGBT community faces within dorms, but the recent changes are being shown that they are receiving better conditions which is supplied through interviews with current residents the evidence provided is needed compared to not supplying truthful statements.

Relationship between Form and Content: The format of this blog is successful in aiding the thesis by hitting all the main points of the mission statement through interview style, quotations, and just supplying statements throughout the passage while staying on target with the thesis.

One Immigrants Anxiety in Trump’s America

Conceptual Core: The title of the podcast is on target with the speakers story, the powerful title sets a tone of fear that is present throughout the time allotted.

Research Competence: The speaker uses her own testimony which creates credibility and it builds up and up more throughout the podcast when she involves her family and the possibility of them all having to return to Mexico.

Creative Realization: The use of vocals is what helps set the tone of this podcast, without the emotions being presented I do no think the severity of the situation would have been felt by the audience.

Relationship between Form and Content: The podcast format helps evoke the true emotion felt on this topic, it allows the speaker and listener to be on the same page of how the situation is affecting her and her family.


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