Urban Art vs. Vandalism

Conceptual Core: The thesis has a clear goal of showing that vandalism or street art should be considered art.
Research competence: The author discusses her personal connection between her and art. She also mentions many famous street artists some who were bale to turn there street art into more meaningful and powerful messages. The author refers to banksy a street artist who uses his talent to speak up against people he believes to be doing harm.
Creative realization and innovation: I think the author realized that she needed to present her topic in a way that would help push her point. The video was a great choice as it allowed for great use of transitions and pictures to showcase the beauty of the art.
Relationship between format and content:  I believe that the video format of the story was beneficial for the topic of discussion. When discussing art it helps to be able to see what is being referenced. If you can not see the vibrant colors and detail the magic of the art is lost.

One students quest to avoid fights

Conceptual Core: It was the story of a girl who changed schools because there was too much fighting at her old school.                                        Research Competence: The content is interesting and educational, while looking into more personal life stories than the other video I watched. Creative realization and innovation: This story wouldn’t have been more effective in any other format the simplicity of the story would allow it to be shared in any form. I personally would rather listen to a podcast than read, but that is just a personal choice.                                                Relationship between format and content: There is not much to write here for this particular story however I felt the use of the podcast allowed us to look a little more personally at the author as we could hear their voice.

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