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The first piece I reviewed is from The Guardian called, What did I learn at private school? They should be abolished by Angus Satow. The author had previous experience with private schools as he attended St Paul’s. In his personal opinion, “abolishing” private schools would be a progressive step for education and equality. There is enough strength in the central thesis that makes Satow’s article not go unnoticed. The private schools have small numbers able to use more for resources and progress the students further than a public school might. There are a lot of resources utilized in this project, and clicking on any of the highlighted words will bring you that credible information. As far as accomplishing a vision for this project, Satow does a great job of explaining his point. The fit of the thesis and design for this project works fine; it The Guardian’s first issue was in 1821, giving it much experience. Satow went through private school and used his experience as a way to help his opinion. This is an opinionated writing piece, making it biased and trying to sway the reader to believe in his statement.

The next piece I reviewed is called Orphan Trains by Christine Frewin. This is a Digital Storytelling created in 2018. Considering what I have seen, this project could have easily been a paper done in half the time it probably took to make this video. This means that this author put a lot of time and effort into this project, and telling her first encounter with this subject helped me related to her. Social media has a significant presence in today’s society, and using it to show how this subject still affects today gives the reader more to think about. The project accomplished did a great job of utilizing the digital resources it was offered and created a story worth listening to.  The tone of the video creates more curiosity for the listener. But not everyone wants to watch a video like this, but that is with everything. Imagery is a big part of this project, and if this was a paper, I do not think it would have the same effect I do in the video.  The thesis and design fit well for this project giving it the status it deserves; the amount of facts is just right, and any more might have been overkill. Frewin did an excellent job of telling the story.