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Trying to Graduate From High School at 21 (podcast) 

  1. I feel this podcast was done very well, it was a brief summary Shamari Ridley life leading up to his high school graduation. It was talking about his family as well as his personal struggles of switching schools so many times and later the problem of having to wake up for school. he focuses on how it was tough for him to do but he had a good support system in his school and mother so he was able to get it done.
  2. The research done in this podcast was very minimal, he did not do any research on the internet gathering statistics or finding data. But, he did ask his mother questions about his family and what schools he has gone to as well as the places he has lived in regards to the schools. The variety of the source could have been greater, he could have put in a statistic stating the percentage of people that graduate in 4 years at his high school or even in the U.S.. I feel if he had put more in it would have been easier to connect with him in seeing the rates and how those compare with possibly a high school more similar to the one I went to or some one I know has gone to.
  3. I think Shamari Ridley did a great job here. The fact he did it in podcast form helped enhance the project’s thesis and personality to the piece. I think being able to hear his voice as well as the other people he had featured created a sense of individuality and passion to the piece. I also felt that hearing the emotion in his voice made me feel more personally connected as well as a feeling of actually knowing him. reading this story off a paper would not have been the same or given the same impact it did from hearing it directly out of Ridleys mouth.
  4. I think the project and design fit together well. He gave stories from his life and was able to feature his mom in this project to give more of a personal and insightful feel. I was most intrigued by his story and how he was able to make it though all of the opticals that stood in his way of achieving this special moment for himself and his family.
The Scene Behind Turtle Quest (Digital storytelling)
  1. I feel this was a good representation of digital storytelling, Ting-Fang Liu was able to capture the thesis of this project by showing and giving statistics in a storytelling manner. I was able to see and understand her conceptual core in this video from her scenes being show and the statistics she is giving, as well as her personal story visiting the island.
  2. she had amazing research in this video she did her own research by visiting the country and the islands of Maldives. as well as doing searing research by asking residents to the country as well as the staff  and searching form more data and statistics about the ocean pollution and the effects on the animals and sea life. she also had good research on straws ranging from paper to straws made from used coffee  grounds or sugarcane as well as the first country to ban the use of plastic straws. I think she has a good amount research in this project and balances it out well with storytelling and real life examples.
  3. the vision was portrayed beautifully by how the story was enhanced by the video and commentary created by Ting-Fang Liu. This illuminates the thesis by giving the viewers a sense of emotion see the beautiful ocean and island then see how disgusting and dirty the other island was just a few miles away because of human pollution. This project does achieve an effect that could not be achieved on paper. being able to see the terrible things happening as well as hearing the passion and emotion in her voice would not have been as impactful had it been written on a piece of paper.
  4. The project and design fit together very well. She gave personal stories of her visits to Maldives as well as research she has completed to support and prove what is happening to the environment. I was most intrigued by the videography and statistics given by Ting-Fang Liu and how she used them together to create something almost emotional showing that we need to change to fix the damage we have done to our environment.