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Maria- I think Maria should be responsible for reserving the room because she is well-organized and most likely to get the job done. Therefore, she would also be perfect for designing curricula because she is very detail-oriented so she will include all the necessary information that will allow this workshop to be more beneficial for local middle-schoolers.

Jack- For the workshop, I think Jack would thrive if he was in charge of securing the $300 in funding for local sponsors because he is the most comfortable working with money and financing. I also think his other task should be helping Maria design curricula because he likes concrete tasks which will allow him to stay involved and maybe help him to become more organized with his responsibilities.

Anna- I think Anna would be the best person to advertise for the group because of her passion for the workshop. I also think she would best fit to teach the workshop because she is comfortable public speaking and most likely knows the most about the workshop since it was her initial idea.

Tim- I think the best role for Tim would to help Anna with the advertising part of the workshop. He has a graphic design background which will help the group to be creative with advertising to the public. Also, Tim would be the best teaching on the day of the workshop because he is excellent with public speaking which will make the workshop more beneficial.