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For Maria’s first task, she would be in charge of reserving the room due to her being well-organized and detail oriented. After she would design the curricula, making sure that it is well organized and detailed so it can be understood when the day comes. She will also make sure that the curricula stays on pace so they can finish the project on time. Both of theseĀ tasks will allow her to stay in the background of the program.

For Jack, he will be in charge of the money aspect due to his ability to work with money and financing. First, he will find the funding for the project as he can work strongly with deadlines. Next, Jack will be in charge of the finances of the project, making sure that the money is spent where it is needed. Whether its supplies or other needs, Jack will make sure that none of the money has gone to waist.

The first task Anna will do is design the curricula with Maria. Because of her major, Anna will be able to give strong directions and will know what to talk about in the workshop. Due to her passion for the workshop, responsibility, and leadership skills, Anna will teach the workshop as well. She will be able to answer any questions the kids have about STEM and direct them in the correct direction.

Due to Tim’s graphic design background, he will be in charge of creating and advertising the flyer onto social media. His next task will to teach the workshop with Anna. Even though his major is different, his creative and fun side will engage the middle schoolers to have a fun time at the workshop.