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I would assign Anna and Tim to teach on the day of the workshop. Anna is an obvious choice because of her passion for the project. She was the one who had the initial idea for the workshop. Also, she is a natural born leader, has ties to the community, and enjoys leading groups. Tim would also be a great addition to teach the workshop because he likes to interact with the public. Tim’s creativity could help bring life and fun to the lesson. Maria can reserve the room for the workshop. She would be good for this because it allows her to stay in the background while using her skill of being detailed-oriented. Maria and Anna would be the two people to design curricula. Anna is an engineering major, so she likely has a lot of knowledge on the topic and she was the one to start the workshop. Maria can use her skills of organization to help Anna when designing the curricula. These two working together will allow the workshop to have a knowledgeable, thought through, and organized lesson.  Due to Tim’s graphic design background, he is the perfect choice to make advertisements for the workshop. Having creative signage will assist in getting people to participate in the workshop. Jack will be the money guy. His first job will to be go out into the community and find $300 worth of funding to the workshop. Then his next job will be to manage the money throughout the project and make sure that it is being spent correctly and efficiently. This will give him two very clear tasks to complete.