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Maria- reserve a room and design curricula

Maria was chosen to reserve a room because she is well-organized, so she would be perfect for getting in touch with JMU faculty and organizing to reserve a room for the workshop. She also was chosen to design curricula because she is detail-oriented, so than can be essential when deciding what to include in the workshop. She can be creative when it comes to details.

Jack- design curricula and secure $300 

Jack will also work on destining curricula because he likes concrete tasks, so this will help focus the activities chosen for the workshop. He will also work on securing the $300 because he is comfortable working with money and financing.

Anna- advertise and teach 

Anna will advertise because she is the most passionate about the project, and she came up with the initial idea, so she can get people excited about signing up for the workshop. She will also teach the day of the workshop because she has experience leading groups and likes to take responsibility.

Tim- advertise and teach 

Tim will advertise because he has a background in graphic design and is creative. He can help Anna with the imaging portion of the advertising and coming up with something eye catching. He will also teach the day of because he is interested in interacting with the public.