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After reviewing the skillsets of the members, I have decided which tasks each member should complete.

Maria is detailed oriented and well-organized. Her skills would be most utilized reserving the study room and designing the curricula. Reserving the rooms is perfect fit for Maria because she is well-organized. Designing the curricula will only be successful if someone like Maria, makes sure all details are met.

Jack is comfortable working with money and financing. His first task would be to secure $300 in funding from local sponsors and reserving the study rooms. Since Jack enjoys concrete tasks and needs clear deadlines to thrive, reserving the study rooms will be a good fit for him.

Anna enjoys taking responsibility and is very passionate about the project. Anna would be the most valuable when it comes to advertising the workshop and teaching the workshop. These two jobs will allow her to be very involved with the public and a way to express her excitement about the workshop as well.

Tim is creative and familiar with graphic design and would best work at designing the curricula. Maria brings the details needed for the curricula, but with Tim’s creativity, the curricula will be more appealing to the eye. ┬áSince Tim is also interested in interacting with the public, he will also be teaching the workshop.