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Maria: With Maria being detail-oriented and organized, it would be best to put her in charge of reserving a room for the workshop as she could work out the needed details of this best. Maria and Tim could work together on designing the curricula, as combining her organization skills and his design skills would be a good combination for this task.


Jack: As Jack is described to be comfortable working with money and financing, I would put him in charge of securing the 300 dollars from the sponsors. He should have the skills to accomplish this task as he also likes assignments to be concrete and this is pretty concrete to go out to sponsors to get the appropriate funding. Additionally, I think Jack could help Maria book the specifics of the room.


Anna: I think it would be best to put Anna in charge of advertising for the workshop as she is described as passionate and enjoys taking responsibility. Additionally, she is the one behind the idea of the project which shows how invested she is in its success. Knowing this, I would also have Anna be one of the two to teach on the day of the workshop. Her passion for the project will be revealed this way and would ideally tie it all together for those who attend.


Tim: I would put Tim in charge of designing the curricula for the project alongside Maria, and also designing any advertisements for the workshop that will be handed out or posted. His graphic design background would make him a good candidate for this role. In addition to the designing tasks, I would put Tim as one of the teachers on the day of the workshop. With his interest in interacting with the public, this would be a great way for him to engage and bring creativity to the workshop itself.