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Two Team Members: 

After examining the scenario, I decided to choose Anna and Tim as the two people that would be teaching during the time of the workshop. First, Anna: She is an obvious pick because of her passion for the project, and her extensive involvement in leadership roles on campus. I believe she would thrive in this position because she would be able to lead/teach a workshop with ease, due to her initial involvement with the idea of the workshop. Secondly, Tim: I chose this person as the second person to lead the workshop due to his superior social skills, and his desire to interact with the public audience.


The two roles I thought would be a perfect fit for Maria would be- assist on the curricula designing, and reserving the room. I chose these tasks being mindful that she wanted to stay behind the scenes of the workshop. Because she in detail-oriented and organized, she would be a perfect fit designing the workshop.


For Jack, I chose the tasks of being able to manage all the money donated from sponsors, and being able to lead efforts to raise $300 from local sponsors. I feel that he is the most qualified for these jobs, being that – Jack is comfortable with his skills in finance. However, the quality that sets him apart from the rest, is being driven by completing a task by a certain deadline.

Anna + Tim:

The additional role I felt that Anna and Tim would be the most qualified for is advertising the workshop. I chose these two people to have shared roles because Tim has a background in graphic design + Anna is seen as the leader and seen to have the most understanding for the purpose of the workshop. Paired with one another, I believe Tim and Anna could be a perfect match in advertising and conducting the event because of their social skills, and various qualities about themselves.