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Maria- Maria’s first job should be advertising for the workshop. It was mentioned that she is “detail oriented” and prefers to “stay in the back.” She can use her skills to create capturing and persuasive advertisements. She also doesn’t need to have face-to-face interactions to complete this task. She can do the work on her computer, alone and at home, and then post them on websites, social media, or even send them to campus weekly newspapers. Advertising online would not be a bad idea considering the audience is college students, and they are always on their devices for one reason or another. Her next job should be helping collect $300 from local sponsors. This task would be well fitted for Maria because she is organized, and dealing with money is a very important job. This is also a task where she does not necessarily have to see people. She can contact these local sponsors over the phone or via e-mail.

Jack- Jack’s first job should also be securing $300 in fundings from local sponsors. It was noted that he is comfortable working with money and financing which is very important for a person dealing with money. Maria can initially contact the sponsors, and then work with Jack to physically secure the money. This job is also important for collaboration because whenever you are dealing with money, you should always have others check your counting to catch any errors. Jack’s second task should be reserving the room for the workshop. His likes of “concrete tasks” and “clear deadlines” are useful for this job. Reserving a room should be done early on in the preparation process, because without a room, no workshop can be held. It is also a very straight forward task, where little creativity is needed.

Tim and Anna- With Tim and Anna’s personality traits, it makes most sense for them both to design the curricula and teach the workshop, for many reasons. Tim has a graphic design background which is very important for a person designing the curricula. With his skills, the curricula can become very creative, unique and interesting. It is important for Anna to be a part of this task as well since it was her initial idea. It would only be fair for her to be a part in designing the curricula so she can have her input on the intentions she initially had, instead of others creating a completely different workshop with a different objective. They should also both be the ones who teach the workshop. Anna has experience with leading groups, which tells us she knows how to speak in front of an audience and be comfortable with it. In addition, she has passion doing this, so it would be enjoyable for her. Tim is also one who has interest in interacting with people. Having the job to teach a workshop would allow him to be able to do this, and hopefully make the class enjoyable for the students. In addition to all of Tim and Anna’s interests, it makes sense for the team members who design the curricula be the ones who teach the workshop. This is because they will be the most familiar with the curricula which would make the presentation smooth and knowledgeable for all the students attending.