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After reading about the students and the tasks that need to be completed I feel that I have found 2 good rolls for each of them for which they would do well in. I feel as though in Marias description she is a smart, organized girl and would be willing to help out in any way but would prefer to not have to be in front of people, so I have designated her in the two spots of reserving a room for the workshop and helping to design a curricula. Next I was looking for good places for Jack to be and I saw he is good with numbers and likes to have a deadline so were I thought he would excel was helping Maria design the curricula and work in fundraising to try to reach $300. After Jack I read about Anna, she seemed passionate about the project and like she is well educated in the topic, she also is a practiced leader. I knew she would do an amazing job advertising for the workshop as well as teaching at the workshop. With all her passion and knowledge she could get people interested and listening. Finally I read about Tim he seems smart and artistic as well as a people person. He was also easy to place, I can see Tim doing well working with Anna and helping advertise as well as teach at the workshop. he would be great at designing signs and advertisements as well as working with the people.