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Maria: She can reserve a room and secure $300 in funding from local sponsors.

I picked reserve a room and securing the money for Maria because she is well organized, so I know that wouldn’t be a problem for her to pick days and times for the group in a room. She prefers staying in the background of the group so I feel like reserving a room is something easy and doesn’t require much talking, and securing $300 dollars doesn’t require an insane and difficult amount of work. She is organized enough where she can keep track of the money from the sponsors.

Jack: He can design the curricula and secure $300 in funding from local sponsors.

I chose design the curricula and securing the money for Jack because designing a curricula takes work and thought. He likes concrete tasks and he will be able to get the job done for a certain deadline with his skills. I also chose Jack to secure the money because his strength is with money and financing so securing it will not be a problem for him. He is also comfortable when working with money so he will not be confused on where to put it.

Anna (teach workshop): She can advertise for the workshop and design the curricula.

I chose Anna to teach the workshop because she enjoys taking on responsibilities and leading several groups so this is a perfect job for her. Because she is so outgoing and passionate about this, her advertisement for the workshop might be able to bring several people in. She would fit that in a great manner because of her skills. She is the one who had the idea about this project, so I feel that her planning skills will be perfect under designing the curricula. It will be easy for her to map out things in her head and come to a conclusion for it all.

Tim (teach workshop): He can design the curricula and advertise for the workshop.

I chose Tim to teach the workshop with Anna because he is also comfortable interacting with the public. They will do great together and keep the audience engaged. I chose him to design the curricula as well because he has a graphic design background which is a plus for him. He knows what he is doing and doesn’t need to put much thought, it is more just putting what he knows into a table. He will be a leader for this and the other 2 people will assist him in doing this. Lastly, he should advertise for the workshop because again, he is good with the public and will 100% be able to bring guests to the workshop easily.