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For this STEM. I will ask Maria to be a manager of money, becuse she is well-organized. And I also need Maria to help Tim for advertise for the workshop and design curricula, due to Tim is creative and he is a biology major with a graphic design background, at the same time Maria can use her detail oriented skill to give some suggestions. And Jack needs to reserve a room because this is a clear deadlines job, I believe he can do well. 

Then Jack and Anna can secure $300 in funding from local sponsors, due to Jack is comfortable working with money and financing that he knows what is our needs, and Anna conceived the initial idea for the workshop so she knows how explain to the local sponsors. 

Finally, I will let Tim and Anna teach on the day of the workshop, because Anna can give more specific details about this workshop and Tim is creative and he loves to talk with public. I believe they won’t be afraid about talk to then, and they will do good job.