In organizing a STEM focused workshop for middle-schoolers at JMU, I assigned roles to four members of a group. The first role I assigned was securing $300 in funding from local sponsors. I chose Jack and Anna to complete this task because Anna is very passionate about the project and Jack is skilled in handling money. Jack can keep track of where the $300 is coming from and make sure the sponsors are recognized while Anna convinces them to provide support. The second role I assigned was that of reserving a room. I believe Maria would be good at this because she prefers to stay in the background and this task will let her do that while still feeling important. The third role I assigned was the advertising role. Jack and Tim would work well together on this one because Tim has a background in graphic design and Jack is can allocate the necessary funds for advertising efficiently. The fourth role I assigned was the task of designing the curriculum. I believe this is something that all the group members could work on together. Each member has a different major and different background and can all contribute something useful to the curriculum. All of them collaborating together would be the best way for them to provide the middle-schoolers with the best workshop. Finally, I decided that Anna and Tim would be the ones to teach the STEM workshop. Anna’s passion for the project means that she would be extremely focused on teaching the kids to the best of her ability and Tim is very comfortable around people he does not know which would be very valuable in this situation.

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