When creating a two hour STEM-focused workshop on James Madison University for middle school students, I would choose Anna and Tim to teach the workshop. I chose Anna because she has experience interacting with groups of people when leading other groups on campus. Also, she was the one to initially present the idea of the workshop, so I would have her design the curricula for the event. Anna was very passionate about the idea, so I feel like she would try her best to make the event as successful and beneficial as possible. I would choose Tim because he is interested in interacting with the public, so this would be a great opportunity to get started. Also, Tim will be the one creating the ads for the workshop because he has a history of working with graphic design, so this job would be an amazing fit. I would choose Maria to advertise for the workshop and check-in students on the day of the workshop. I chose Maria since she prefers to behind the scenes of the project, she would be able to place the ads around campus and advertise on social media about the workshop. Also, checking in students would fit her well because she loves to stay organized, so creating a spreadsheet with all the students names and emails would be easy and natural to her. I would tell Jack to secure $300 in funding from local sponsors because he is comfortable with dealing with money and finances. Also, I would choose Jack to find a room to reserve because when given a deadline, he will get the job done.

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